How it works

We’re keeping the Climate Perks pilot simple.

For an employer to take part, we ask for four things:

  1. To offer a minimum of two paid ‘journey days’ to each employee per year when they travel over land or sea instead of flying.

  2. To record annually how many employees use Climate Perks, and how many journey days are claimed.

  3. With our support, to publicise and promote the Climate Perks scheme to staff.

  4. To provide feedback to us to help us test and refine Climate Perks for a wider rollout after the pilot.

This will enable participating organisations to:

  1. Offer their staff a targeted, timely and progressive employee perk.

  2. Create a positive carbon impact.

  3. Become a Climate Perks Pioneer, helping lead a new climate initiative and spurring others to follow suit..

  4. Advertise themselves as a Climate Perks employer and use the Climate Perks mark.

  5. Benefit from positive media and PR generated by the scheme.

The pilot programme is free to participate in, and will run until autumn 2021