Workplaces offering staff extra time off to choose clean travel.


Case studies

The companies already offering paid journey days.

MTR Express

MTR Express is a private train company based in Sweden, a subsidiary of MTR global which has operations in Hong Kong, Australia, UK, Sweden and China.

MTR Express was established in 2015 with a sustainable transport mission and focuses on converting journeys between Stockholm and Gothenburg from car and air to train.

In 2018 they created a low-carbon staff holiday scheme, awarding employees that choose the train instead of travelling by air with an additional paid leave day. The company expects to retain the programme after the initial year-long test phase after an enthusiastic response from employees.


"At MTR Express we are all about promoting sustainable travel. We know that many people want to travel sustainably but for longer distances the longer travel time becomes a hurdle. There has been a lot of excitement about the scheme among our staff - and we hope to inspire other companies to follow our lead."

Peder Osterkamp, chief commercial officer


Naturesave is the UK’s leading ethical insurance provider. Established in 1993, it serves individuals, companies, community groups and not-for-profit organisations. As a committed environmental brand, Naturesave donates 10% of all it home insurance premiums to the Naturesave Trust, a charity dedicated to funding environmentally positive projects.

Naturesave has been offering paid journey days to their staff for over land or sea travel since 2008 and has since seen around half of staff use the scheme at least once, with roughly a quarter using it in any one year.


"We are delighted to provide our staff with paid leave in exchange for them not flying to get to holiday destinations abroad. It’s a wonderful initiative that engages staff and was referred to specifically in our Queens Award for Sustainable Development citation in 2011. Every year various members of staff take advantage of the benefit and it’s great to hear conversations about train trips across Europe from them when they return"

Matthew Van Den Elst, legal director